DSCN0700-300Practically all commercial and industrial facilities have heat exchangers and the majority of them are rusting away behind the scenes. The design of these units includes a steel end plate with copper pipes used in a heat transfer process. The use of dissimilar metals in an immersion situation is proven to cause bimetallic corrosion, a situation that will severely corrode the steel plate and cause serious problems over time if left untreated.


DSCN0704-300Composite Industrial Group, Inc. has protected new heat exchangers from the factory and those that have been in service for many years. We apply two (2) coats of 100% solids ceramic epoxy at a total film thickness of 20-30 mils. This barrier coating is applied to the entire tubesheet, both end covers and the water box to prevent any further bimetallic corrosion. This repair solution is proven to last for a lifetime and Composite Industrial Group, Inc. is pleased to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for their heat exchanger work. Please contact Composite Industrial Group, Inc. for more details on this program.